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TSSA Service Offerings

The TSSA Advantage
In its role as Delegated Administrative Authority for Ontario safety legislation, TSSA has delivered measurably superior safety services at no cost to taxpayers since 1997. In carrying our safety mandate, we undertake a variety of activities such as:

  • Inspections of facilities and procedures,
  • Investigations and Prosecutions
  • Training and Certification,
  • Design reviews of new equipment and facilities
  • Optional training and assessment programs
  • Public education and consumer information programs.
Industries regulated by TSSA in Ontario
Elevating DevicesOver 44,000 elevators, escalators, construction hoists and ski lifts
Amusement RidesMore than 2,000 Ferris wheels, roller coasters, go-karts and water slides
Boilers and Pressure VesselsOver 155,000 used in heating, refrigeration and industrial processes
Fuels(includes natural gas, propane and fuel oil) More than 16,500 facilities, including gasoline stations, marinas, propane filling plants, as well as pipelines, transporters, utilities and users
Upholstered and Stuffed ArticlesMore than 4400 manufacturers and importers of sofas, mattresses, toys and more

The Bottom Line: Success The number of incidents, serious injuries and fatalities have fallen in virtually all industry settings since TSSA was delegated as Ontario's safety authority in 1997.

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To learn more about the services TSSA can provide as a delegated authority,
please contact:
Technical Standards and Safety Authority
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