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Corporate Values

TSSA’s corporate values are:

  • Safety: Be safety conscious at all times.
  • Leadership: Be the best in actions and words.
  • Integrity: Be honest and ethical.
  • Respect: Build trust and earn respect.
  • Accountability: Be responsible for all actions and deliver on commitments. 
  • Communication: Be an effective, efficient communicator and an active listener. 
  • Teamwork: Work together, respect individuals and celebrate success.

TSSA stakeholders are encouraged to measure TSSA’s employees’ actions against these corporate values.

Code of Professionalism / Code of Conduct
In support of TSSA's Corporate Values, TSSA's Code of Professionalism applies to TSSA inspectors and investigators, which should be read in concert with TSSA's Code of Conduct for all personnel. Please refer to the following links for these codes.
Code of Professionalism
Code of Conduct

Stakeholder Responsibility Statements
TSSA recognizes its accountability to its various stakeholders. As such, TSSA has developed the following responsibility statements:

To all stakeholders, our conduct will always be honest, professional and ethical.

  • To the public: To work with diligence and competence to protect the public interest by maintaining and enhancing safety. TSSA will lead the way in working to prevent avoidable incidents. We will educate the public so they may take personal responsibility for their safety. 
  • To the government: To perform our delegated responsibilities with diligence, observing the principle of ensuring a fair, safe and informed marketplace that supports a competitive economy. We will recommend amendments to delegated legislation and regulations that will enhance public safety and advise the Minister promptly of any matters that may require action or attention.
  • To our customers: To provide timely and value-added services at a fair price. We will provide an objective and expert application of our delegated authority that promotes a level playing field and continuous improvement. 


TSSA will consult with our stakeholders and work in partnership with them, to communicate our performance and earn their trust. Feedback on how we are meeting our commitments and responsibilities is welcome.

At TSSA, we are required to collect and maintain current customer data for the purposes of conducting our business and the furtherance of public safety. As an organization, we are committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality and security of our customer's information.

TSSA will take every measure possible to balance the right of our customers to privacy of information with the need of the organization to collect, use or disclose information for legitimate business purposes. We will ensure compliance with all applicable provincial legislative requirements.

It is our commitment to our customers that the information we collect about them will only be used for the purposes for which it was intended. Customer information will not be used for any other purpose including the advancement of discretionary business or for recruitment.

For additional information about our policy related to customer information, please see TSSA's Access and Privacy Code for Regulatory Responsibilities by accessing it through the following link.

Access and Privacy Code - Regulatory Responsibilities

The Access and Privacy Code for Regulatory Responsibilities, accessible through the link below, applies to information and personal information collected, used or disclosed by TSSA in the course of TSSA's administration of the designated Act.

Access and Privacy Code – Commercial Activity

The Access and Privacy Code for Commercial Activity of TSSA applies to personal information collected, used or disclosed by TSSA in the course of engaging in any commercial activity, which is subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Accordingly, this Code incorporates access and privacy requirements prescribed by that legislation.

Procurement Policy

Employee Expense Claim and Reimbursement Policy

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