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Committee of Council Chairs

To ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the councils, the Chairs of each of the advisory councils meet twice a year to discuss common issues, develop consistent frameworks and to share best practices. 

For a list of Committee of Council Chairs and their affiliation, please click on the link below:
Committee of Council Chairs Membership List

Council Support
David Scriven is TSSA's Point Person for the Committee of Council Chairs and is the primary contact responsible for delivering on TSSA's commitments with respect to this Committee.
David Scriven can be contacted at:
Tel: (416) 734-3317
Email: dscriven@tssa.org

Maram Khalif supports the Committee of Council Chairs Advisory Council through preparation of agendas, meeting minutes and maintenance of the Council records. 
Maram Khalif may be contacted at:
Tel: 416-734-3413
Email: mkhalif@tssa.org

Next Meeting Date
January 15, 2014

Past Meetings

September 10, 2013
January 15, 2013

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