Image with TSSA' logo of its 25th anniversary

May is always an important time for TSSA, as the organization begins a new fiscal year. This year, the month holds even more significance. May 5, 2022, marks a true milestone. Twenty-five years ago on this day, TSSA became a not-for-profit, self-funded statutory corporation with a mandate from the Government of Ontario to enforce provincial safety regulations and enhance public safety.

This milestone is ideal for reflecting on TSSA’s history – celebrating the people and the moments that have brought TSSA to where it is today.

“Our work to advance risk-based decision making as an effective regulatory approach, our important involvement in the creation of national codes and standards, and our behaviour-changing, award-winning public safety campaigns have all been driven by the strength, foresight and passion of our employees who are the backbone of TSSA,” says Bonnie Rose, TSSA President and CEO.

“TSSA has truly become a great example of how a thriving organization and effective regulator should operate,” says RJ Falconi, Chair, TSSA Board of Directors. “Since TSSA was formed 25 years ago, TSSA has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the enhancement of professional regulation, regulatory processes, and consumer and public protection.”

As TSSA continues its work to make Ontario one of the safest places in the world, its 25th anniversary also presents the perfect opportunity to consider where the organization is heading.

“No one would have ever expected we would usher in our 25th year in such uncertain times, but what helped us to manage throughout the past two years and will continue to carry us forward is our resilience and our collaboration as One TSSA,” said Rose.

“With an engaged workforce open to change, a commitment to continuous improvement, and the drive to be leaders and innovators as a safety regulator, our organization has become more robust and efficient than ever, and I am excited for what the next 25 years hold.”

As safety is a shared responsibility, TSSA would like to use this very special occasion to reiterate its appreciation to its employees, industry stakeholders,members of TSSA’s Advisory Councils andBoard of Directors, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, safety partners and the people of Ontario for partnering with the organization on its continuous mission to enhance safety where Ontarians live, work and play.