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Technical Standards
& Safety Authority
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Upholstered & Stuffed Articles

In addition to promoting safety, our aim is to protect consumers against misrepresentation of upholstered and stuffed articles and provide a level playing field.

The Upholstered and Stuffed Articles Inspection Team ensures that only new, clean filling materials are used in upholstered and stuffed articles and are correctly labeled, such as pet items, toys, sporting goods, furniture, mattresses, down filled apparel, bedding items, handbags, luggage and seasonal ornaments, etc. These requirements are enforced through inspections at point of sale and at manufacturing level. Inspections include manufacturers, renovators, home-hobbyists, retailers, import/distributors, trade/craft shows, fabricators, suppliers and printers.

They take pride in knowing that their job is keeping people safe and love nothing more than explaining their role when customers in retail outlets see them at work.

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