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Power Plant

A thriving Province requires sufficient public or industry service power plants to drive almost every industry, process or public service. A responsible Province expects it all to be done safely.

Under the Operating Engineers Regulation, our Power Plant Inspectors conduct restrictions and inspections of power plants monitoring their steam, hot water boilers, engines, turbines, air and gas comp compressors, refrigeration, steam traction technologies, and all of the related auxiliary support systems. Occasionally, they have to perform incident investigations in the event of personal injury, death, and/or property damage related to a registered plant.

But it’s not just about the equipment; this tight-knit team also ensures that regulations are complied with by the plant engineers and operators and that these regulations are reflected in their training, examination, and certification.

During their time in the field, our Inspectors have the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals who are responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of power plants. As a member of the power plant safety team, our Inspectors can apply their committment to excellence by ensuring the safety of the Power Engineering profession and the industry it serves.

Our qualified Power Plant Inspectors have many years of experience managing and operating in power plants, often as Chief Operating Engineers, and have a 2nd Class Operating Engineer certificate as a minimum qualification.

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